Self-assessment: Acute Stress Reactions

You may want to check back to rate your reactions again in a few days, or if something changes.

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Self-assessment: Acute Stress Reactions

This tool is for healthcare staff dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Using this quick self-assessment is optional. No identifying information is collected.

Aggregate data may be used to better understand reactions amongst healthcare staff facing stressful situations. By completing the questionnaire you are consenting to participate in this research. If you have any questions about this research, please contact: .

Note to employees of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (home institution for this research): Your decision to participate (or not participate) in the research will not affect your performance evaluation or employment. Your responses are anonymous and will not be shared with your supervisors.

Are you currently working directly in a healthcare setting? (Can be in any role, including: nurse, physician, technician, social work, or any support staff.)

Please consider how you have been feeling recently, related to COVID-19. Rate each item from 1 to 5, where 1 = "not at all" and 5 = "very much"

Not at all.
2 3 4 5
Very much.
1. Have you felt numb or distant from your emotions?


2. Have you ever felt in a daze?


3. Have things around you ever felt unreal or dreamlike?


4. Have you ever felt distant from your normal self or like you were watching it happen from outside?


5. Have you been unable to recall important aspects of things that happened?


6. Have memories of things that happened kept entering your mind?


7. Have you had bad dreams or nightmares?


8. Have you felt as if you were reliving things that happened?


9. Do you feel very upset when you are reminded of things that happened?


10. Have you tried not to think about it?


11. Have you tried not to talk about it?


12. Have you tried to avoid situations or people that remind you of it?


13. Have you tried not to feel upset or distressed about it?


14. Have you had trouble sleeping?


15. Have you felt more irritable?


16. Have you had difficulty concentrating?


17. Have you become more alert to danger?


18. Have you become angry?


19. When you think about it, do you sweat or tremble or does your heart beat fast?


20. Thinking about all of these reactions together, how much are they bothering you / getting in the way of your work, relationships, or other parts of life?


Based on a validated tool* that has been adapted here for use during the evolving pandemic situation. * Bryant, Moulds, & Guthrie (2000). Acute Stress Disorder Scale: A self-report measure of acute stress disorder. Psychological Assessment, 12(1), 61-68.